Embezzlement Plea Lands LA Man In Prison
Embezzlement Plea Lands LA Man In Prison
A Los Angeles man will spend 6 years in federal prison for embezzlement following a guilty plea. The sentence represents the first of several expected in a scheme involving a Houston construction project.

According to federal prosecutors, the nine co-conspirators submitted fake invoices to the Beck Group for a building renovation project. One of the participants, a Houston man, served as the construction manager for the project in 2016 and 2017. He approved the phony invoices from the shell companies, which the general contractor then paid.

The Los Angeles man created shell companies to submit invoices for products and services. Following payment, the men shifted payment proceeds to themselves and the other conspirators. In addition, they received kickbacks from the other conspirators. The conspirators provided nothing of value to the project. All of the co-conspirators have pleaded guilty to the scheme.

According to prosecutors, the conspirators submitted phony invoices totaling $3.4M for non-existent work on a luxury hotel redevelopment project. The general contractor completed the hotel rehabilitation project, using federal funds from a controversial immigration program, in 2017. Prior to the redevelopment project, the building in downtown Houston, had been abandoned.

The remaining co-conspirators will return to court in the following weeks for sentencing. They could face as much as 20 years in prison and maximum fines of $6.8M.

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