Embezzlement Lands Former Pasadena Employee in Prison
Embezzlement Lands Former Pasadena Employee in Prison
A former analyst for the Pasadena Department of Public Works will spend 14 years in prison for embezzlement. A jury convicted Danny Wooten of 53 felony counts, including conflict of interest, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds.

According to investigators, Wooten awarded city contracts to a firm that conspired to steal city funds. A local electrical contractor received a sentence of seven years. The judge ordered both men to pay restitution. Wooten must return nearly $3.7 million to the City of Pasadena. The contractor must pay $900,000 in restitution.

Investigators say that Wooten embezzled more than $6 million from the city over a decade. To transfer funds, he created more than 300 phony invoices to the city’s underground utility program, which he managed. More than half of that money went to the contractor. The contractor then returned money to Wooten in the form of cashier’s checks to him. The contractor also made payments to two churches affiliated with Wooten. Investigators say that it’s not clear that the churches actually received the funds. Wooten collected the checks made out to the churches, then deposited them into his personal accounts.

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