Embezzlement Charges for Centinela Valley Superintendent Still Open
Embezzlement Charges for Centinela Valley Superintendent Still Open
A former Centinela Valley Union School District superintendent will wait until April to learn whether he’ll faceembezzlement charges. Prosecutors say the man committed grand theft, misappropriation of funds and public corruption. At the center of the dispute is a retirement benefits plan the man pushed through for board approval. The Centinela Valley Union School District serves Lawndale, Hawthorne, Del Aire and El Camino Village.

The plan, which the board adopted, provided an additional $300,000 in retirement benefits to the former superintendent. The board adopted the plan just days before changes to state law would have forbidden it. The superintendent did not disclose to the board that he stood to benefit from the adoption.

Public Agency Retirement Services officials flagged the supplemental retirement plan in 2010. Agency administrators noted that the superintendent was both the district’s plan administrator and its primary beneficiary. The district did not respond to the agency’s initial inquiries. The district adopted a second supplemental plan in 2012, shortly before state pension reform rules took effect.

The supplemental plan offered early retirement incentives to district employees, with the district paying the entire cost of the incentives. Emails between district personnel showed that the superintendent aggressively pressed for adoption of the plan.

By April 12, the judge will determine whether the prosecutors have sufficient evidence to proceed to trial.

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