Embezzlement Charge For Suzuki Accountant
Embezzlement Charge For Suzuki Accountant
A former accountant for Suzuki Motors of America faces embezzlement charges for allegedly stealing $1.8M from the company. According to investigators, the woman worked for the company between 2012 and 2017 in the accounting department.

Almost immediately after she began working at the company, she started depositing money into her personal accounts. She falsified documents to hide the thefts. The company fired her in 2017, when allegations of the thefts surfaced. Authorities in Orange County spent more than a year investigating the case. They arrested her last month at her home.

She faces 89 charges of embezzlement. Suzuki Motors of America sued both the woman and her husband in civil court last year. The case, which was settled, is scheduled to be dismissed in 2024 as part of the agreement. The civil case does not affect the criminal charges pending against the woman.

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