Embezzlement Charge for LA Woman
Embezzlement Charge for LA Woman
A Los Angeles woman was arrested and charged with embezzlement after an elderly man accused her of diverting more than $200,000 from him over a two-year period. San Marino police arrested Rebecca Diaz, 44, and on suspicion of embezzlement following a complaint on the man’s behalf from Los Angeles County Adult Protective Services.

The man had employed Diaz as an account manager at his agricultural business. Recently, he noticed that large amounts of money were being withdrawn from the business accounts. Upon investigation, police discovered that Diaz had been making cash advances to herself using the business’ credit card. She had also been writing checks to herself from the business’ checking account. Diaz had worked for the business for a number of years. San Marino detectives are attempting to verify additional, earlier fraudulent withdrawals.

Los Angeles Embezzlement Attorney

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The State of California takes financial fraud directed at older adults very seriously. Since older individuals are less likely to be able to recover from financial fraud, and may be depending upon income from the operation or sale of a business, the State vigorously prosecutes financial crimes directed toward them.

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