DUI Driver Strikes Car, Hydrant, Collapses Store Roof
DUI Driver Strikes Car, Hydrant, Collapses Store Roof
A DUI driver struck another car and a fire hydrant in Canoga Park. Water from the damaged hydrant sent a stream of water onto the roof of a nearby store. The crash also damaged nearby power lines. The weight of the water collapsed the roof and injured 9 people, including two children, inside the store.

Police arrested a woman at the scene on suspicion of driving while impaired. Firefighters were able to shut off the damaged hydrant, but condemned the building. WSS, at De Soto Avenue and Sherman Way needed extensive repairs due to water damage and the roof collapse.

Police reported that the driver tested at twice the legal limit for impairment at the scene.

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Photo Credit: peasap, via Flickr.com

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