DUI Driver Held By Witnesses
DUI Driver Held By Witnesses
Witnesses to a serious New Year’s Day accident in Hollywood held a suspected
DUI driver until police arrived. According to witnesses, a Prius driver sped through a stop sign and then collided with a Mercedes SUV. The Prius driver then crashed into a clothing store on Melrose Avenue at Vista. The impact injured six passengers in the Mercedes, four of them seriously.

Following the crash, the Prius driver attempted to flee the scene. Witnesses to the collision chased the man and held him until police arrived. Paramedics transported four people to local hospitals in critical condition. They also transported two other passengers to hospitals with less serious injuries. Officials from the Los Angeles Building and Safety Department also evaluated the building for structural damage following the collision.

Police determined that he also fled the scene of a hit-and-run accident in Hollywood Heights a few minutes earlier. Authorities charged the man with felony drunk driving. He was scheduled to appear in court on January 17 for a preliminary hearing in the matter.

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Drunk driving charges are serious and can result in any number of sanctions. Enhancements can make matters worse for you. The state can file additional charges if you have a DUI history, injure others or refuse to submit to testing. In addition, the Department of Motor Vehicles has an administrative process that automatically suspends your driver license following a drunk driving arrest.

Most DUI arrests in California result in misdemeanor charges, but the DA can opt to bring felony charges. Felony convictions can result in prison time and other sanctions against you.

Don’t attempt to fight a drunk driving charge by yourself, and don’t assume there’s nothing you can do. Hire an experienced DUI attorney to help.

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Photo Credit: Sean Davis, via Flickr.com

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