Drug possession arrests in West Hollywood show meth popularity
Drug possession arrests in West Hollywood show meth popularity
According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office statistics, three-fourths of West Hollywood drug possession arrests involved methamphetamine. The statistics, from the last half of 2017, show the rising popularity of methamphetamine. The next most popular drug was cocaine. Officers reported confiscating cocaine in only 10% of West Hollywood drug arrests.

Despite the growing focus on opioids, officers recovered heroin in less than 8% of drug arrests in West Hollywood. They reported marijuana possession with the same frequency as heroin. More exotic drugs, including prescription medications, GBH and MDMA combined accounted for less than 5% of West Hollywood drug arrests.

In addition, officers noted that most distribution occurs within clubs or by a person-to-person arrangement. In addition, West Hollywood is a target for outside distributors hoping to sell their product.

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