Drug Possession Arrest for LAX Worker
Drug Possession Arrest for LAX Worker
A Los Angeles man who worked at Los Angeles International Airport was arrested and charged with drug possession after attempting to smuggle more than two pounds of heroin onto a flight bound for Cincinnati, OH.

Drug Enforcement Agency officials say that James Mitchell, 25, purchased a one-way ticket to Cincinnati and checked a single piece of luggage on a Frontier Airlines flight. The Transportation Safety Administration officials at the airport examined the luggage, and following a routine scan, determined that the luggage appeared suspicious.

Inspection of the luggage turned up six packages that were wrapped to look like holiday presents. The packages contained an unknown substance, one of which later tested positive for heroin. Frontier Airlines assisted the TSA in locating Mitchell by calling his cell phone. He told Frontier personnel that he was in the restroom because he was not feeling well. Surveillance cameras showed, however, that Mitchell was attempting to exit the airport while he was on the phone.

Mitchell successfully left the airport, but was later located at his home and arrested there. If the other packages in Mitchell’s suitcase also test positive for illegal substances, the charges against Mitchell could be amended. The total weight of all packages in Mitchell’s suitcase exceeds 14 pounds. If convicted, Mitchell could face a sentence of 5 to 40 years.

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