Domestic Violence, Chase Suspect Arrested
Domestic Violence, Chase Suspect Arrested
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man in Cerritos on domestic violence charges, following a dramatic chase through areas of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The incident began in Huntington Park and developed into a police chase. Authorities in Huntington Park notified authorities in Buena Park that a domestic violence situation had developed and that the suspect had his estranged wife and two children in a Hummer.

Domestic Violence Suspect May Face More Charges

Authorities from several jurisdictions chased the suspect, Thomas Ueno, for more than an hour. Authorities stopped the vehicle in Newport Beach, but the suspect refused to let his wife and children leave the car. Following a standoff, the woman and children fled the Hummer and the man was taken into custody.

If you’ve been arrested for spousal abuse, kidnapping or any other domestic violence charge, your freedom is at risk! Your best strategy is to engage the services of a competent experienced defense attorney to represent your interests and defend you in court. Robert Helfend has established a solid reputation as an aggressive, skilled criminal defense attorney. Mr. Helfend has more than 30 years of experience in criminal defense, and practices in Huntington Park and throughout Southern California.

Police officers are often required to make an arrest in a domestic dispute where they believe that violence is likely to occur, or has likely occurred. Whether the circumstances justify an arrest is not really at issue; they’re simply carrying out a standard procedure.

If you’re the party who’s been arrested (and most often, a man is the arrested party in a domestic dispute), you are immediately thrust into the position of defending yourself in court. If convicted, you’ll also be facing fines, jail time, community service, court-ordered therapy or other penalties.

California law requires that special procedures are followed if your spouse decides that he or she wants to drop the criminal matter against you. Mr. Helfend has defended hundreds of clients accused of domestic violence. He will help you navigate the complex requirements of California’s domestic violence laws. It’s important to take special care in this circumstance because if the complaint is not withdrawn carefully, your spouse could be accused of filing a false police report!

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