Domestic violence charges on hold for Rams DE
Domestic violence charges on hold for Rams DE
Los Angeles Rams defensive end Ethan Westbrooks will not be charged for a domestic violence incident earlier this month. Sacramento police arrested Westbrooks following a complaint from a woman involved in a custody dispute with him.

The Sacramento District Attorney declined to proceed with charges, pending additional investigation into the incident. Police declined to identify the complainant, but Westbrooks is involved in two different custody disputes.

The refusal of the prosecutor to advance charges against Westbrooks does not leave him in the clear. The prosecutor could decide to bring charges against him if the additional investigation discovers more evidence against him. Additionally, it’s likely that the NFL address the incident as part of its domestic violence policy. NFL sanctions could include fines and a suspension, regardless of whether Westbrooks eventually faces criminal charges in connection with the incident.

Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer

The complaint against Eric Westbrooks sheds some light on the confusing and dangerous position that people accused of domestic assault face. It also demonstrates why you need an experienced domestic violence lawyer, even if you’re not ultimately charged with domestic assault.

Domestic assault prosecutions can be complex, and convictions can have serious implications. They can certainly result in criminal charges and consequences. They can also impact family court decisions involving custody and visitation, employment and other aspects of your life.

An experienced domestic violence lawyer can provide exceptional representation and specific advice regarding your case. They can also work with a spouse or significant other who may want to withdraw a complaint. California state law makes specific requirements of complainant who want to withdraw a domestic violence complaint.

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