Domestic violence charges land on retired LAPD officer
Domestic violence charges land on retired LAPD officer
A retired LAPD officer faces charges of domestic violence, violating a restraining order and extortion. The incidents allegedly took place while the officer was still on active duty.

According to the complainant, she and the suspect had a personal relationship which became violent. When the pair separated, she alleges that the man circulated intimate photos of her to other LAPD officers. She reported the incident to her supervisors, who transferred the woman to another division. She alleges that the department took no action against the suspect. The woman later sued both the department and the officer. The woman’s attorney has reached a settlement with the City Attorney, but the deal has not yet been approved.

The man, who subsequently retired from the department, faces criminal charges related to a 2018 altercation in Glendora. According to prosecutors, the man struck the woman outside a restaurant. Allegedly, he was attempting to get the woman to return gifts he had given her during their relationship.

He faces charges of extortion, corporal injury of a spouse or domestic partner, and misdemeanor charges of violating a domestic violence restraining order. In addition, he also faces charges of possessing a weapon while the subject of a restraining order. If convicted on all charges, the man could spend 6 years in state prison.

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