Domestic Violence Charge For SO Man
Domestic Violence Charge For SO Man
Sherman Oaks resident Karlen Shubaralyan, the boyfriend of Jessica Parido, one of the stars of Bravo TV’s reality show, “Shahs of Sunset,” has been charged with 10 related felony counts in a domestic violence case involving his former wife. Shubaralyan has been charged with forcible rape , burglary with a person present; injuring a spouse, stalking, witness intimidation and making criminal threats.

Subject has a history of domestic violence

According to police, the incident took place on February 8. Shubaralyan was out on bail on unrelated charges including grand theft and writing bad checks in excess of $950 at the time of his domestic violence arrest. Shubaralyan has a history of conflict with his former wife dating back to 2014. She had a valid personal protection order against Shubaralyan at the time of his most recent arrest. He is being held without bail.

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Mr. Helfend can assemble a team of credible domestic abuse professionals who can help the courts realistically interpret the circumstances that led a prosecutor to bring domestic violence charges against you. Sometimes, overzealous prosecutors overreact domestic arguments and issues that can occur within a family.

Mr. Helfend will work with you to get domestic violence charges against you reduced or dropped. He can also defend you against charges that you’ve violated a restraining order or personal protection order associated with a domestic dispute.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s common to find spouses who wish to recant statements made to police and prosecutors at the time of the incident. Sometimes your spouse doesn’t want to charge you at all, but may be pressured by police or prosecutors to participate in the court process, even though that’s not their genuine desire. California law has a very specific process that your spouse must follow to withdraw support from the prosecutor’s case. If your spouse does not wish to prosecute you, Mr. Helfend can work with your spouse to retract the complaint lawfully.

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