DNA leads to sex crimes suspect
DNA leads to sex crimes suspect
A Hollywood man was arrested and charged with a sexual assault that took place more than 15 years ago. Mirek Voyt, 54, was identified as a suspect in a random attack on a teenaged boy in 2001, and authorities are concerned that Voyt may be responsible for other unsolved or unreported sex crimes in the area.

Voyt, who had been employed at a local grocery store, was identified as a suspect in the case after being convicted of stealing money from his employer. His felony conviction required him to provide a DNA sample, which was entered into the state’s DNA database. A computerized review of the sample determined that it matched DNA collected from the victim at the time of the 2001 assault.

According to police, the victim was kidnapped and assaulted by Voyt at gunpoint. Although Voyt has not been connected to any other assaults, police believe that he may be responsible for other attacks in and around the Los Angeles area. Investigators say that the violent nature of the 2001 daytime kidnapping and assault makes it unlikely that it was Voyt’s only attack. Voyt moved several times between 2001 and 2017, but remained in the Los Angeles area throughout that time.

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Sex crimes convictions carry significant penalties that continue long after a prison sentence is complete. As in all other states, conviction of a sex offense in California usually requires registration on the state’s Sex Offender Registry. Fairly or unfairly, this registration requirement is often a life sentence.

Sex offender status can prevent a person from finding adequate housing or employment. It also means that you’ll be considered a “prime suspect” for any sexual offense committed near your place of work or residence. Sex offender registration also requires you to re-register each time you move or change employers. It may require GPS-based monitoring of your whereabouts, and non-compliance with the registration process can result in re-incarceration.

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