Child pornography site run by FBI for weeks
Child pornography site run by FBI for weeks
The Federal Bureau of Investigation ran Playpen, a child pornography website for more than two weeks in 2015. The FBI seized the website after determining that operated from servers located in North Carolina. The FBI transferred the entire site to its own servers in Newington, VA.

Child pornography was available for download

The Playpen website had been the world’s largest “hidden” online collection of sexually explicit images of children. During the 13 days the website operated under the Bureau’s control, more than 100,000 registered users visited the website.

The FBI defended its decision to keep the child pornography site running by saying that it was the only viable way to trace encrypted IP addresses of the site’s registered users. According to the Bureau, investigators were able to locate more than 1,300 of the site’s users, and have arrested and/or charged 137 of them to date. Critics charge that the FBI’s operation allowed the site’s registered users to download child pornography directly from the federal government during the time FBI managed the site.

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