Burglary Suspects Arrested in LA
Burglary Suspects Arrested in LA
18 police agencies in Southern California arrested more than a dozen burglary suspects last month in coordinated simultaneous raids of more than 28 locations.

The suspects were mostly known gang members, who police say, are responsible for more than 5,000 residential burglaries in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties in the past three years. According to police, the arrested individuals could be responsible for between 125 and 150 burglaries each.

The investigation, which spanned three years, was known as “Operation Money Bags,” focused on more than 50 known gang members who participated in the organized ring. Participants had a goal of stealing at least $5,000 and at least one firearm each time they went out. Police said the gang members were routinely active four to five times per week.

The investigation started in Torrance in 2012, after police there noticed a sharp increase in the number of residential burglaries. During their investigation, they noted that a number of the suspects had known ties to the East Coast Crips gang. Gang members leased high-end vehicles to avoid suspicion while casing neighborhoods. They also targeted empty homes, and homes thought to belong to Asians.

Prosecutors will seek gang enhancements against those arrested in a bid to extend their sentences, if convicted.

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