Burglary arrests for LA men
Burglary arrests for LA men
Three Los Angeles men were arrested and charged with burglary in connection with a violent home invasion in Duarte in March. Along with a fourth man, they are also suspected of similar burglaries in Los Angeles, Arcadia, Downey, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and Glendora.

Ronald Johnson, 24, Dion Smith, 24, and Timothy Johnson, 29, all of Los Angeles, are accused of breaking into an occupied home in Duarte. According to police, the men forced their way into the home after accosting one homeowner outside the residence. While inside the residence, they assaulted the other homeowner, and fled the home with property belonging to the homeowners. Outside, they attempted to carjack a witness, and then left the scene in their own vehicle. They are also suspected of committing two burglaries and two attempted burglaries that occurred on the same day.

Police were able to identify the men from surveillance footage. At the time of their arrests for the Duarte robbery, two men were already either in prison or in court on similar charges in other jurisdictions in Los Angeles County. If convicted on all charges related to the Duarte burglary, the men could be sentenced to between 165 and 200 years in prison.

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