Bumble Bee Exec Charged In Antitrust Case
Bumble Bee Exec Charged In Antitrust Case
A former Senior Vice President at Bumble Bee Foods pleaded guilty to antitrust violations in a federal court in San Francisco late last year. Prosecutors charged that the executive, among other co-conspirators, agreed to “fix, raise and maintain” the company’s prices on packaged seafood.

Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division officials said that the criminal complaint resulted from an ongoing price-fixing investigation. The investigation focuses specifically on canned tuna and packaged seafood producers.

According to the DOJ, executives of multiple firms constructed a price-fixing scheme and issued price announcements consistent with the producers’ agreements. A proposed merger between Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea fell apart after the DOJ expressed concerns about consumer pricing.

Federal Antitrust Attorney

Antitrust actions are complicated, in part because they can be civil, criminal or both. Criminal antitrust actions include crimes like price-fixing, market allocation and bid-rigging. The Department of Justice prosecutes these crimes vigorously, but only following an intensive investigation.

As a defendant in a federal antitrust case, the odds are definitely stacked against you. Federal prosecutors generally do not take cases into court unless they have an overwhelming chance of winning a conviction. Conviction rates in federal antitrust actions currently exceed 90%.

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