Antitrust Investigation Leads To Bid Rigging Charges
Antitrust Investigation Leads To Bid Rigging Charges
Earlier this month, Department of Justice investigators filed antitrust charges against a Texas man accused of bid rigging. The man, who pleaded guilty, purchases old computer equipment to resell or recycle. Investigators say the man conspired to rig bids he submitted to the Government Services Administration (GSA).

According to the Department of Justice, the man conspired with other bidders to pre-determine the outcome of GSA auctions. He is the first person the DOJ charged in the action, which could have begun as early as February 2017.

The GSA routinely auctions off used equipment that belongs to government agencies. Following a successful auction, the GSA returns the proceeds to the agency. The co-conspirators agreed to collude to keep auction prices low. In addition, they pre-determined the winning bids and worked to eliminate competition.

When the defendant returns to court for sentencing, he could face up to 10 years in federal prison. In addition, he could face a $1M fine. If the loss to the agencies or the man’s gain exceeds $1M, the court could double the fine accordingly.

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