Antitrust Conviction For Auto Executive
Antitrust Conviction For Auto Executive
A federal judge in Detroit sentenced a former auto executive to 14 months in federal prison following his conviction on antitrust violations. Futoshi Higashida, formerly with Nishikawa Rubber Co. Ltd., pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and attempted instruction of justice.

According to prosecutors, Higashida conspired with competitors to hide communications between them after he learned of the federal investigation. The company earlier pled guilty to price fixing related to the company’s rubber seal products. The company sold seals to Toyota and other manufacturers.

Prosecutors claimed that Higashida instructed employees to destroy evidence of collusion or to stop keeping records of interactions with competitors between 2009 and 2012. The case against Higashida is part of a larger investigation of price fixing and bid rigging among auto parts executives. The DOJ has charged more than 6 dozen executives to date. More than 3 dozen executives have pleaded guilty.

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