Antitrust Charge For NY Subway Employee
Antitrust Charge For NY Subway Employee
A Metro-North Railroad employee faces antitrust charges for bid-rigging. According to prosecutors, the man steered more than $10M in waste-disposal and asbestos removal contracts to a New York firm.

Charged in the scheme is a former contract manager for Procurement and Material Management for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Metro-North Railroad. Prosecutors say that the employee provided inside information to a company in exchange for $70,000 in kickbacks. Prosecutors also charged two company executives with participating in the scheme.

In one case, the employee provided scoring information assembled by Metro-North bid evaluators to help the company change its presentation. The employee also steered sub-contract work to the firm after providing confidential bid information. The company used the information to underbid the lowest bidder. In exchange, the company provided both direct cash payments to the employee and made thousands of dollars in mortgage payments on his behalf.

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