2015 LA Violent Crime Stats
2015 LA Violent Crime Stats
2015 violent crime statistics in Los Angeles have been released and violent crime in the city is on the rise. 2015 is the first year in the last 12 in which violent crime reports have risen overall. In 2015, LA police responded to reports of 280 murders, up 10% from 2014. Sexual assault crimes also rose by more than 8% and aggravated assault reports rose by nearly 30%.

Violent crime reports up across LA

According to the LAPD, all 21 divisions have reported an increase in the number of violent crimes in their districts. For more than a decade, the LAPD has made it a priority to crack down on gang-related violence, and some observers are saying that effort created the impression that violent crime was on the decline. Gang-related violent crime incidents rose in 2015, however. In one case, more than 50 people were shot in gang-related violent crime in a two-week period in South LA. 30% of those shooting victims died.

Following that, the LAPD increased enforcement, which increased felony arrests by 300%. Despite the increase in violent crime in 2015, the homicide rate is still well below the historic levels seen in the early 1990’s.

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