The number of property and violent crimes have been rising in Glendale, and local police have been on high alert and enforcing the law to the fullest.

The state of California might be quick to charge you with a crime and doing everything in your power to defend yourself is key. If you have been recently arrested in Glendale, it is crucial to get the help of an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney with decades of experience working in Glendale courtrooms.

If we work together, I’ll tirelessly defend your case and your right to a fair trial.

Being accused of any crime is a very serious and stressful experience. If you are accused of criminal activity, the mere accusation can turn your life upside down. Your job could be at risk. Your relationships are strained and your financial situation will be affected. It’s your duty as a citizen to ensure you are doing everything you can to defend your rights.

A dedicated, hardworking Glendale criminal defense attorney can work with you to get your charges reduced or even dropped completely.

Finding an attorney with experience and proven results can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment. Criminal accusations are incredibly serious whether they are true or not and you will need the very best criminal defense in Glendale for your case.

The law can be very complicated. An experienced Glendale criminal defense attorney will help you understand the charges against you, and how to defend yourself. A good attorney will have years of courtroom experience and training.

I have been practicing criminal defense in Glendale since 1984. I have fought for countless clients to defend their freedom. My decades of experience in the courtroom earned my firm reputation for giving my clients an aggressive approach to their defense.

Working with me gives you the confidence you need to fight for your freedom if you are accused of a crime in Glendale.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Every case is unique. It should be treated that way. That is why I offer a tailor made approach and give each and every case the individual attention it needs to be successful. I don’t make empty promises and will tell you the details and actions to take to get you the best possible outcome. There are many different areas of criminal defense that I have years of experience in, including:

  • Robbery — Robbery is enforced under Penal Code 211 and involves the use of force or fear to take property from another person. If convicted, most robbery cases result in a felony. Felony’s in California are taken seriously due to California’s Three Strikes Law.
  • Burglary — California Penal Code 459 is divided into three degrees and can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Many times an experienced defense attorney can show that you did not have intent to commit a crime when entering a structure, or that the items belonged to you.
  • DUI — California does not take lightly to DUI offenses. There are very harsh consequences and can even be additional penalties called enhancement laws. Most are aware that field sobriety tests hold little value with a conviction. There are a few different defense tactics with testing for breathalyzers and even blood work that can be contested.
  • Domestic Violence  — Domestic violence can have severe consequences. Along with counseling, you could face jail time and fines. The nature of domestic violence is many times one person’s word over another, which makes this type of case especially important to have criminal defense for.
  • Sex Crimes Sex crimes can encompass a wide range of charges from sexual harassment to streaking to human trafficking. The law can be confusing and complicated in certain situations regarding sex crimes. Having a sex crime on your record can be extremely damaging to your future.

Criminal Defense in Glendale

If you are facing charges in the Glendale area, understand that you are not alone. My firm has seen many different cases and understands the right approach for success. Do not think that you have to fight these accusations alone. It’s time to take the first step toward helping yourself and fight for your freedom. Call me right away at 800-834-6434 to learn more about the charges  you are facing and the right strategy to handle them.