If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime in Tarzana, you need the help of a qualified California criminal defense attorney who will defend your rights and help you fight the allegations against you. 

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Experienced criminal defense in Tarzana

If you or someone you love has been arrested in Tarzana and is being held by law enforcement, your first call should be to an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will meet you at the jail or holding facility, where you’ll have an opportunity to speak in private and fill your attorney in on the situation.

Tarzana is served by the West Valley Community Police Station Located at:

19020 Vanowen Street
Reseda, CA 91335

However, the West Valley Community Police Station does not operate as an inmate holding facility. If someone is arrested in Tarzana, they will most likely be taken to the Van Nuys Jail, which is located within the Los Angeles Police Department’s Van Nuys Community Police Station at:

6240 Sylmar Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91401

The Van Nuys Jail serves as a men’s and women’s holding facility. Once an arrestee is booked in the Van Nuys Jail, they will usually remain there until they

  • Post bail
  • Are released on their own recognizance
  • Are taken to court for arraignment

A defendant’s arraignment is typically held within 2 days of their arrest at which point the judge will either continue the arraignment or set a pretrial hearing. If the defendant is not able to be released on their own recognizance or can’t post bail they will most likely be transferred to Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail, Los Angeles Twin Towers Jail, the Pitchess Detention Center or the Regional Detention Facility. 

A Tarzana criminal defense attorney is allowed to visit an inmate in the Van Nuys Jail 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. However, inmates are not allowed to receive incoming calls or mail at the facility. As soon as an inmate is booked at the jail, they are allowed 30 minutes to an hour to make free local phone calls to contact a defense attorney, check in with family, and arrange bail. 

Obtaining information about a Tarzana arrestee

If someone you care about is arrested in Tarzana and taken to the Van Nuys jail, a criminal defense attorney can obtain information about their case and help you to determine the next best course of action. If you know the inmate’s full legal name and/or booking number, you can get information about their case by:

  • Calling the Van Nuys Jail at (818) 374-9645
  • Calling the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department inmate information line at (213) 473-6100
  • Visiting the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department inmate information website https://app5.lasd.org/iic/ajis_search.cfm 

Inmates are allowed up to 15 minutes of visitation from one guest a day, seven days a week, between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

Posting bail 

When a defendant is arrested, the court will designate a bail amount that must be paid to release the defendant from jail and assure the court that the defendant will attend their required court appearances. The bail amount will vary based on the alleged crime(s) and be set according to the Los Angeles County Bail Schedule. After an inmate has been released on bail, a California criminal defense attorney can schedule a hearing to argue to have the bail excused or reduced. 

Anyone can post bail on behalf of an inmate. Bail is directly to the Van Nuys Police Station and can be posted any time, 24/7. If you choose to post bail on an inmate’s behalf, the Van Nuys Jail accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash bail: If you post cash bail, you must pay the full amount upfront. The inmate will then be released to await arraignment. If the defendant makes all their court appearances, the full amount will be returned to you once the criminal case has concluded.
  • Bail bonds: Bail bonds are the most common method for posting bail. This is because you are only required to pay 10% of the bail amount as opposed to the full amount. That 10% will be paid as a fee to the bail bondsman and will not be refunded to you. However, if the defendant makes all their court appearances, you will not be required to pay the remainder of the bail. If the defendant fails to make their court appearances, you will be responsible for paying the remaining amount to the bondsman. 
  • Cashier’s check: Just like with cash bail, a cashier’s check must be for the full amount of the bail. Depending on the time the bail is posted, it may be several hours to a few days before the funds are verified and the defendant is released. 
  • Money order: Money orders must be for the full bail amount.

A conviction or criminal record can lead to negative repercussions for the rest of your life. Whatever the allegations, no arrest should ever be taken lightly. Finding a defense attorney who will fight for your rights is a crucial step in protecting your future. 

Areas of practice

Robert M. Helfend has been representing clients in Tarzana and the San Fernando Valley for over 30 years. In that time, he has helped defendants fight a wide array of infractions and misdemeanor and felony charges at the state and Federal level. Regardless of your allegations, criminal history or background, Mr. Helfend doesn’t discriminate and treats every client and every case with the utmost importance. Some of Mr. Helfend’s areas of practice include:

  • Federal crimes: especially serious crimes and crimes that cross state lines, involve federal agencies such as the United States Postal Service, or which involve the internet may be charged federally. Some such crimes include:
  • Sex crimes: sex crimes include any crime that is sexual in nature, whether a misdemeanor or a felony charge. Many California offenses are considered sex crimes, including:
    • Indecent exposure
    • Rape
    • Child pornography
    • Solicitation of a prostitute
  • Murder: Murder is one of the most serious California offenses, with potential penalties ranging from 15 to 25 years to life in prison. However, for defendants facing murder charges, there are many possible defense strategies available including:
    • Self defense
    • Illegal search and seizure
    • Insanity
    • False or coerced confession

The California state and Federal criminal justice systems can be confusing and intimidating and leave you feeling helpless against the powers of law enforcement and prosecutors. Robert M. Helfend knows how to navigate those systems and build powerful strategies to fight whatever evidence is brought against you. 

When you work with Mr. Helfend and his caring and welcoming staff, you gain the benefit of a dedicated legal team who will be with you every step of the way keeping you informed and aggressively defending your constitutional rights. Robert M. Helfend is based in Los Angeles County, serving clients in Tarzana and throughout the San Fernando Valley and Southern California. Call today for your free consultation – 800-834-6434.