What’s it going to take to win your case in Burbank? It will take an experienced Burbank criminal defense attorney.

With more than three decades experience practicing criminal defense, Burbank defense attorney Robert M. Helfend has successfully defended more than 4,000 cases. That includes everything from simple thefts and misdemeanors to sex crimes and murder.

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Why it pays to stay local

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Burbank, you need an attorney who knows the Burbank police department, prosecutors and courts. A defense attorney who is more familiar with the criminal justice system in the area will always have an easier time negotiating on your behalf.

This is important, because the criminal justice system is designed to intimidate you. After your arrest, everything is set up to scare you into quickly admitting guilt and accepting a punishment.

That’s why your first call should be to an experienced San Fernando Valley criminal defense attorney. Once you make the call, your attorney will meet you at the police station, jail or wherever you are. You then have the right to meet with your attorney in private, where you can begin to strategize together and build your defense.

Practice areas

The Law Offices of Robert M. Helfend aggressively fights to defend the rights of the accused, no matter who you are or what you’ve been accused of. This includes:

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Serving Burbank and the greater San Fernando Valley

Mr. Helfend serves the Burbank courthouse at 300 East Olive Ave., Burbank, CA, 91502.

If you or your loved on is being held by the Burbank Police department, Mr. Helfend can also meet you where you are.

The Burbank Police Department is a law enforcement agency that serves the city of Burbank, California. The department is responsible for providing law enforcement services to the city’s residents and visitors. The department is also responsible for investigating crimes and enforcing the law within the city.

Find the right Burbank criminal defense attorney for your situation

There is no one-size-fits-all best criminal defense attorney for everyone. Different attorneys have different specializations, case histories and communication styles. 

When interviewing attorneys, one of the most important things to ask is what percentage of cases they have contested for their clients. It’s also beneficial to ask attorneys how often they were able to win their client’s case. You should inquire about the types of cases your prospective attorney defends in, and the types of settlements that are most common with them. 

Ask about their fee structures too. What are the minimums and maximums? You might also want to check online reviews for your possible new lawyer. 

Burbank defense attorney Robert M. Helfend was recently listed in Super Lawyers, Lead Counsel and the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Call today for a free case evaluation – 800-834-6434.