This is not an uncommon question, nor is it an unreasonable one. There are several factors that go into the ultimate decision to hire legal counsel and knowing what these are could greatly aid you in your decision making process. A good place to start is simply by asking yourself the very question which led you here: Do I need an attorney?

How a Professional Can Help

In general, if you are questioning the need for legal representation, there is a good chance that your instincts are right. You very likely do need a lawyer. However, there are certain factors that you can look to in order to help confirm any underlying doubt you may have. If you have been arrested in the Los Angeles area and you are now facing any type of criminal or federal charges, then you should absolutely not hesitate to seek legal defense. A lawyer can prove to be your best chance at escaping the consequences that lie ahead if you are formally found guilty and convicted of the charges you are currently facing.

Whether or not the allegations made in your name are true, the fact of the matter is that you have been criminally accused of an offense and you are now up against the penalties that accompany it. It is up to the judge or jury attending to your trial to determine your guilt or innocence, but it is up to you to make sure that your name and good standing are adequately represented in the court of law. This can only be done by ensuring that you have aggressive, experienced, criminal defense on your side. I, Attorney Robert M. Helfend, am here to offer you just that.

Criminal Defender Since 1984

It can be difficult to accept the fact that you have found yourself in a situation with the law. I understand this. You probably never imagined that you would one day be facing allegations of a criminal nature. Now that you are, it is understandable that you are questioning your need for a lawyer. What can a lawyer do for me that I can’t do for myself? I’m innocent, what do I need an attorney for? How can a law firm really make a difference in my case? These are valid concerns that many of my clients have expressed, and I imagine they are similar to the thoughts racing through your mind as well.

For more than three decades I have dedicated my practice exclusively to criminal law, and I have seen almost every case, concern, and outcome out there. Your questions are valid, and so is my reasoning. There is little way of knowing how any arrest and court hearing will play out, but there are surefire methods that can be used to help you obtain a desirable outcome. I know these methods; I know how to employ them; I know how to tweak them for your defense. With my help, your chances of receiving a favorable case outcome, one that reflects reduced charges or even a dropped sentence, will greatly increase when you have my services working for you. You need only look at my case histories for affirmation of this statement. After perusing my profile and accolades, if you are still weary or still have questions, then do not hesitate to contact me. Make the call, and I will personally address all of your questions, concerns, and more