Facing a federal investigation can feel a little like being under a microscope. The U.S. Government has stepped up its prosecution of white collar crimes in recent years, and it has shown a tendency to aggressively and thoroughly pursue its cases.

Federal investigations of white collar crimes can take months, or even years to conclude.

When you know you’re under investigation, it can be an anxious and uncertain time, and it often feels like it will never end. The best thing you can do to preserve your freedom and your peace of mind is to work closely with an attorney experienced in white collar crime defense.

Over 30 years of white collar crime defense

Robert M. Helfend is a National Trial Lawyers Association Top 100 rated defense attorney with decades of experience defending white collar crimes, from identity theft to extortion and money laundering.

“This man is a very effective Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. I was charged but I never had to go to court because the case was thrown out thanks to his efforts. I was very worried because I didn’t know anyone who could confirm my location, but he was able to prove that I was innocent.” Jason, CA

A recent result:

  • Computer Fraud – Client is accused of hacking into his prior employer’s server. After gaining access, he allegedly destroys the company’s entire system. Mr. Helfend persuades the government to allow his client to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, allowing the client to spend zero time in custody.

In more than three decades in California courtrooms, Mr. Helfend has earned a reputation as a stalwart and skilled defender of his clients’ rights.

From Day One to the resolution of the case, he works proactively and diligently to communicate with his clients, keeping them apprised of all aspects of the situation and what options are available to them, helping ease this anxious time.

Do not talk to Federal Investigators

It’s a common misconception that if you’ve got nothing to hide, there’s no risk talking to investigators. That isn’t exactly true.

Even if you are having a casual conversation about a situation you were only somewhat involved in, investigators can and will use what you say against you. Investigators looking into white collar crimes will often “play dumb” with witnesses, not letting on that they know as much about the case as they do.

That can lead people into something of a trap, where if you make an unintentional omission or misremember a detail, you could find yourself in deeper trouble. You might have now lied to a Federal Investigator (prosecuted under 18 U.S.C. Section 1001).

What to do? Calmly, politely and firmly inform the investigator that you would prefer to speak with an attorney first. This additional step could save you from headaches later.

Speak with an attorney today

If you or someone you love has been charged with — or faces investigation for — a white collar crime, the best thing you can do is start building your defense.

As we mentioned above, government agencies can spend months or even years building their cases, and they are prepared to prosecute them aggressively and thoroughly. Call today for your free case review – 800-834-6434