Practice Areas: Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes defense is a relatively new area of criminal law, and is increasing because of police and prosecutor sting operations. The criminal defense law firm of Robert Michael Helfend in Los Angeles has gained recognition for offering the experienced, aggressive defense of internet sex crimes such as child pornography.

As a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in internet sex crime charges, I know that many people charged with these offenses are ashamed to talk about their charges. In fact some attorneys won’t defend internet child pornography charges because of what the community might think. The truth is that the constitution guarantees everyone the right to a vigorous defense. When you hire me to represent you, I will not judge your crime, and I will not judge you. I will work as hard as I can, using all of my experience and every available legal resource to have your charges dropped or reduced to an offense that will not require sex offender registration, and will not fall under the California three strikes law.

“Robert Helfend is one of the best criminal defense attorneys I’ve ever worked with. He was so knowledgeable, and always made sure I understood everything every step of the way. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants an understanding, caring, and truly helpful lawyer.”Pat, CA


  • The majority of internet sex crimes against children are initiated in chat rooms.
  • One in seven kids receives a sexual solicitation online.
  • The majority of victims of internet-initiated sex crimes were between 13 and 15 years old, 75% were girls and 25% were boys.
  • In 2008, Internet Watch Foundation found 1,536 child abuse domains.
  • Of all known child abuse domains, 58% are housed in the U.S.

With using internet such a growing activity, internet sex crimes have become much more prevalent. As a result, prosecutors and judges do not take these charges lightly. Most internet sex crimes involve the downloading or uploading of child pornography- yet when this occurs, not all defendants are aware of it. You must be protected from false assumptions by law enforcement! In one instance, a person downloaded music legally- but a third party was able to hack into this computer and control what files were downloaded and uploaded. My firm believes that you are innocent until proven guilty and I will do everything within my power to preserve your reputation and innocence. Did an illegal search or seizure occur? We will show this. Did a law officer pose undercover in order to entrap you? We will show this too. Because sex crimes, particularly involving children or minors, are distasteful to the public- prosecutors will fight hard to convict individuals accused of this crime. Sometimes the testimonies of victims can be exaggerated. Even jurors can be biased into making their decision. You must secure immediately the specialized legal defense you are going to need, throughout the days ahead!

Don’t be saddled with a federal offense!

Because the internet reaches across state lines, many internet child pornography and other internet sex crimes are charged as federal offenses. Police sting operators and federal prosecutors may have a head start of several months on building their case against you. Your best defense is to hire a federal crimes lawyer who knows the system and how to file the appropriate motions to suppress evidence that was illegally gathered, and to challenge probable cause for your arrest. I feel very strongly that this is still a nation of laws, and I do everything that is ethically possible to prevent prosecutors from violating or ignoring your constitutional rights.

If you have been charged with internet sex crimes, you need the kind of experienced, tough and aggressive help I provide. Many things are on the line when you are accused of an internet sex crime and you shouldn’t allow your livelihood and happiness to be jeopardized any longer! Don’t throw your hands up in despair- you face charges but have not been convicted yet. With my experience in handling internet crime and sex crime charges, I am confident that I can guide you in the right direction. I have been practicing exclusively in the area of criminal defense law since 1984. Contact my office today!

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