Antitrust Laws

Antitrust laws exist to regulate competition among businesses. Competition is good because it keeps one company from monopolizing other businesses. It enhances sales and inherently protects the market. It is certainly not illegal for a company to develop excellent strategies and techniques and therefore be more profitable than its competitors. However, a company cannot monopolize the market by using harmful means to dominate other companies and gain the upper hand. Two businesses cannot collaborate to gain more profitability than their competitors.

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The first antitrust act to ever be enforced was The Sherman Act, and it has been enforced for over a century. Because this statute has imprecise wording and is therefore somewhat non-conclusive, it is easy to see how people could unknowingly violate the terms it set forth. The Sherman Act says that no company can dominate its competitors using destructive or harmful methods. The Clayton Act enhances certain rulings that The Sherman Act does not clearly define. The Clayton Act forbids a company’s singular domination through the use of mergers or acquisitions. The Clayton Act allows the government to interfere and investigate when a company seems to be monopolizing the market. The Federal Trade Commission Act is a statute that was developed to regulate business relations across state borders. This statute necessitated the Federal Trade Commission, which provides the basis for claims and decisions made regarding The Federal Trade Commission Act. While the laws that govern trade abound, they are less than easy to understand; this is a problem that could easily result in unintentional violation of antitrust laws. If you have been charged with an antirust violation crime, then you should not hesitate to seek legal representation from an attorney as soon as possible.

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