Have you been arrested?

Finding superior legal representation will be absolutely crucial in determining the outcome of your case, especially if you are forced to bring your case to court. As an aggressive and competent defense attorney, I have dedicated my professional career to ensuring the rights and futures of my clients are always protected, whether their case is settled out of court or in a state or federal court room. I have tried hundreds of cases throughout Los Angeles and Southern California over the years, and I am prepared to take on even the most intimidating and hopeless cases. Whether you have been arrested and charged with murder, burglary, drug crimes, spousal abuse, embezzlement, sex crimes, DUI or grand theft, a member of my legal team can give you an honest and straight-forward analysis of your case if you call the firm today.

Superior Legal Representation

As a seasoned lawyer, I understand the ins and outs of a court room. I also understand that every case is different and will require a different, unique approach to finding the best path to build a strong defense. We can work together to find evidence as we attempt to procure your future and your freedom. When it comes to facing criminal allegations in the state of California, you will need aggressive, hard-hitting defense in order to protect the rights and freedoms that are at stake. If you are convicted you could be looking at time in prison, hefty fines, community service requirements, and a life on probation. However, these are penalties that could be reduced or avoided altogether when you have sound legal defense on your side. There is no time to waste after you have been arrested and charged for criminal activity in the Los Angeles area. This is a metropolis in which law enforcement officers are vehemently on the lookout for criminal offenders. As such, they are quick to arrest. If you have fallen prey to the police action taken in your area, then you need to take immediate action to rectify the situation. The sooner you seek legal defense for your case, the sooner work can begin that will actively fight the allegations that have been made against you. When working with my firm, you can be sure that you have a criminal defense attorney who is confident in his ability to develop an innovative legal strategy to counter the prosecutor’s case against you head-on. I refuse to let an innocent man be put behind bars, so I will work diligently to find a positive outcome for your case. If you are considering working with a criminal defense lawyer then please contact me today.

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