Defending those accused of domestic abuse

Not all cases of spousal abuse are as valid as they first appear. In fact, many cases involving charges of this nature are no more than the result of an angry spouse who rashly acted out and made an accusation bigger than what the situation called for. On a regular basis, law enforcement officers are called to the scene of a reported instance of spousal abuse only to find that the accusation was made in haste. Unfortunately, even in situations such as this, the allegations that were reported to the police must be taken seriously. This means that an arrest will most likely be made and formal charges will be pressed.

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All too often, a drunk spouse is taken to jail to “sleep it off” after their partner has called in law enforcement officers making claims of spousal abuse. Justified or not, these allegations are required by law to be taken seriously, and as such, phone calls that claim spousal abuse nearly always result in arrest, if not worse. Although it is not uncommon for one spouse to exaggerate the circumstances of a heated argument, it is uncommon for no legal action to be taken when a police report is made. If you have been falsely accused of spousal abuse, you need to seek legal representation as quickly as possible.

For more than 20 years I have been representing people who have been wrongfully charged with spousal abuse by overzealous police and prosecutors. I have access to a network of defense witness such as professional domestic abuse specialists and consultants who help develop and present the strongest case possible in an effort to get your charges dismissed or reduced. I welcome you to contact my office to discuss your spousal abuse charges.

Defense for Spousal Abuse & Domestic Abuse Attorney in California

Throughout the Los Angeles area, I represent people charged with domestic dispute and abuse crimes such as physical abuse or domestic assault, sexual abuse, and restraining order violations. Although the majority of my clients have been men over the years, there are a growing number of women who are wrongfully charged. My primary objective is always to make sure the outcome of your case does not involve significant jail time or a felony conviction that kicks in the three strikes law.

Very often, the person who initially made charges of domestic violence against a spouse will attempt to drop charges after things have had a chance to cool off a bit. Unfortunately, it is not sufficient to just change the testimony that was originally given to police officers at the time of the alleged incident. There are special procedures that must be followed to ensure that you can recant without facing charges of making a false police report or giving false testimony. If you are looking for a way to change or recant the testimony you gave against your spouse, I can help.

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