Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud
Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud
A Los Angeles radiologist and a Huntington Beach chiropractor are among a growing number of Southern California medical professionals indicted in an ongoing workers compensation insurance fraud scheme. Some participants in the scheme have already been indicted in a federal fraud probe, and are now also accused of workers compensation insurance fraud at the state level. The scheme includes several chiropractors, a pain management physician, and a medical equipment provider.

Feds investigated workers compensation insurance fraud, too

According to investigators, the indicted professionals recruited unsuspecting patients with work-related injuries to file claims. Recruiters routed patients to participating doctors and chiropractors, who ordered specific, preselected tests and treatments in exchange for kickbacks of $50 to $100 per patient. Treatments were then billed to insurance companies. Doctors had to meet monthly quotas in order to continue to participate in the workers compensation insurance fraud, and were required to pay into the operation when they did not meet their quotas. An undercover FBI agent infiltrated the operation when the principals tried to expand the workers compensation insurance fraud plan into other areas of Southern California.

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