Woman arraigned on Montebello robbery
Woman arraigned on Montebello robbery
A 22 year-old Los Angeles woman was arraigned on attempted murder, robbery charges and receiving stolen property for her role in a Montebello robbery last summer that resulted in the shooting deaths of her two accomplices.

Robbery went awry when victim shot two perpetrators

Toni Danielle Lopez was arraigned on charges stemming from multiple robbery incidents that occurred on July 17 in Los Angeles and July 18 in Montebello. Prosecutors allege that Lopez was with Kevin Fierro and Roger Soriano when they carjacked a man in Los Angeles.

In a separate, related incident later that night, Fierro and Soriano also stole a man’s wallet, cell phone and headphones as he walked down the street. The three suspects then drove the stolen vehicle to a restaurant in Montebello, which they intended to rob. Lopez stayed in the car. During the robbery, Soriano shot the restaurant owner, who drew his own gun and shot and killed Soriano. The victim then shot Fierro, who died on the street after fleeing the restaurant. Lopez left the scene in the stolen car and was located three days later in a public park in East Los Angeles along with the stolen vehicle.

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