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Becoming an attorney is a journey that has proven to be demanding. Aspiring lawyers prepare themselves for years. They study long hours to ensure they score well on the LSAT (Law School Admission Test), sign up for courses that are not only challenging, but also, at times, almost feel impossible to complete. They may become a clerk for a law firm or government agency to gain experience. Then sacrifice almost all other daily activities for weeks to study for (and pass) the bar exam. Finally some will spend the rest of their lives working an ungodly amount of hours, cope with cases that induce physical and emotional distress and continue to excel regardless of opposing counsel, judges and/or clients who oppose their stance.

An attorney is basically here to argue a point with valid truth. That can be easy when the evidence presented in court shows that your client is deserving of justice. But what happens when you’re client is accused of a crime? What if your client is charged with murder, theft, or drug trafficking?

Whether your client is not guilty, guilty for only parts of the accusation or guilty for every charge – he or she is entitled to a fair trial and a defense attorney is hired to ensure that procedure is followed. A criminal defense attorney does not only defend their client against the accusations made, they commit to defend them against the system. They make sure that any sentence received is fair and without prejudice. The defense attorney must stand confidently in front of judges, prosecutors and a group of jurors who are carefully selected and often assume that a defendant is guilty until proven innocent. More importantly, and probably the one fact that onlookers fail to acknowledge, a criminal defense attorney must persuade a jury that his or her client is innocent until proven guilty.

A divorce lawyer who establishes that their client deserves full custody of a child gets to witness a settled battle, which will likely be effective in granting a child the lifestyle they deserve.

Many times a criminal defense attorney’s goal is to obtain the lowest possible sentence for the client whose case has unfortunate facts that cannot be disproved. These cases involve making the best out of a tough situation. Seeing a client be separated from his/ her family is always emotionally difficult.

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