Three Strikes law changes?
Three Strikes law changes?
California Governor Gerry Brown is hoping that voters have become ready to modify California’s Three Strikes law yet again. Brown will ask voters to reverse a 2000 ballot initiative that allows juveniles as young as 14 to be tried in adult courts. Brown’s proposal would also change victims’ rights measures approved by voters in 2008.

Modifications could impact Three Strikes

Voters modified the Three Strikes law, which was originally approved as a ballot measure in 1994, in both 2012 and 2014. Penalties for non-violent property and drug crimes were reduced. In addition, voters approved changes to the Three Strikes law. Those changes now require a “third strike” to involve a conviction for a serious felony before a life sentence is imposed.

According to Brown, California’s budget is strained under the weight of supporting habitual offenders for life, especially when the offenses wouldn’t ordinarily rise to the level of lifetime incarceration.

Repeated felony convictions under California’s three strikes law put you at risk of a mandatory life sentence, even if the sentencing guidelines for the crime you’re convicted of does not call for one. Voters originally approved the Three Strikes Law in 2000 because they believed that being “tough on crime” would deter people from committing serious felonies. That hasn’t happened. In 2014, courts convicted a record number of Californians of their second serious felony. Under the current law, they are now just one step away from spending the rest of their lives in prison.

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