Theft Suspects Indicted in Federal Court
Theft Suspects Indicted in Federal Court
A Los Angeles federal grand jury indicted five people for theft for their roles in elaborate jewelry heists. According to investigators, the suspects would follow their intended targets before robbing them of money and gems.

All five suspects are already in federal custody. Each faces charges of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by robbery.

Three of the suspects have local addresses in Los Angeles and Pomona. The remaining suspects hail from Australia and Colombia. One of the Los Angeles suspects, along with the Australian man also face second counts of interference with commerce by robbery. Investigators claim that the men began operating in 2017 and conspired to commit robberies in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver.

Police identified one of the Los Angeles suspects as the ringleader and say he recruited Colombians to assist in robberies. According to investigators, the group targeted jewelers in stores or malls in Orange County or in Los Angeles’ Jewelry District. In addition, they located other victims at certain trade shows.

One member of the crew would follow the intended target, who was carrying large sums of cash or jewelry. The scout would wait for an opportunity to rob the victim, even if it meant following the victim for days.

Authorities arrested three of the men last month as they were targeting an intended victim at a Santa Clara show. The men tailed the intended victim to jewelry stores, a home and the Santa Clara Convention Center. Police arrested a fourth suspect in Las Vegas, NV and arrested the fifth suspect in Los Angeles the next day. Three of the men face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. The other two suspects face as much as 40 years in prison, if convicted.

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