Theft From Mail Trucks Leads to Guilty Pleas
Theft From Mail Trucks Leads to Guilty Pleas
Two half-brothers pleaded guilty to the theft of cash from US Postal Service trucks in Los Angeles. The men have both appeared separately before a federal judge.

The men admitted that they planned and committed an armed robbery of a postal service truck. The robbery took place as it left the Wagner Post Office in February 2018. One man acted as a lookout, and the other man blocked the postal service truck with a white minivan. He then produced a gun and threatened the postal service worker. The pair stole nearly $38,000 in cash from the truck.

With another accomplice, the older brother planned and carried out a second US Postal Service truck robbery the next month. This robbery took place on the Harbor Freeway at Slauson Avenue. The men blocked the postal service vehicle as the driver attempted to exit the freeway.
That robbery netted more than $72,000 in cash. The postal service vehicle had recently left the Dockweiler Post Office.

One of the brothers had formerly been employed as a postal supervisor. He worked at both the Wagner and Dockweiler post offices and knew when the Postal Service transferred cash. In addition to the robberies, the pair also participated in a post office theft. As part of their plea agreements, the men admitted to the thefts and the burglary. They also admitted to stealing nearly $250,000 from the US Postal Service.

The younger brother faces a sentence of life in prison when he returns to court on November 25. The older brother faces a sentence of 25 years in prison when he returns to court on October 28.

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