Theft Crimes By Bay Area Gangs Surge In LA
Theft Crimes By Bay Area Gangs Surge In LA
According to the LAPD, theftwas the most often-reported crime in the city in 2019. Thieves from Bay-area gangs would rent cars and drive to Los Angeles County in search of victims. They particularly preferred tourists’ cars, and frequently targeted shopping malls, museums and other tourist attractions.

Theft from cars in West Los Angeles increased nearly 30% from 2018. More than 100 police officers from multiple agencies in the Bay area broke open a major theft and fencing ring in December. They received a break when they pulled over a semi-truck filled with electronics stolen in Los Angeles County. US Postal inspectors also participated in the investigation by identifying a single location that shipped large numbers of packages out-of-state.

The police identified Bay area gang members as being responsible for the thefts. In all, police recovered more than $2M in stolen electronic devices from the truck. According to police, the Bay area gang members began targeting Los Angeles following extreme pressure by their local policing agencies.

According to police, the thieves specifically target vehicles by identifying markings from car rental agencies. Certain gang members break into the cars, then pass valuables to partners on electric scooters

Although police have arrested a number of people responsible for the thefts, they encourage people not to leave valuables in vehicles. They acknowledge that tourists are in a special position and may not have safer storage options. .

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