Theft Charge for Hilton Heir
Theft Charge for Hilton Heir
Conrad Hilton, 23, faces charges of grand theft and violating a restraining order. Police arrested Hilton last week during a confrontation at a Hollywood Hills home.

According to police, they found Hilton inside an automobile belonging to a relative of the person granted the restraining order. Hilton received a bail of $140,000 in connection with the arrest. He will appear in court again on May 25. Hilton has a history of arrests for violating restraining orders, leading authorities on a high-speed chase, creating a disturbance on an airplane, and drug-related offenses.

Hollywood Hills theft lawyer

Prosecutors can charge grand theft as a felony. The result of multiple felony convictions in California is serious. A person’s second felony conviction produces a longer sentence than the crime ordinarily receives. If a person’s third felony conviction results from a violent crime, the state’s Three Strikes Law requires lifetime incarceration. That’s why you need to hire an experienced theft lawyer like Robert Helfend.

Amassing felony convictions in California is dangerous. Mr. Helfend has nearly 35 years of courtroom defense experience, and knows what it takes to defend his clients successfully. He works directly with all of his clients, so they always get the benefit of his exceptional experience.

When eliminating or reducing charges isn’t possible, Mr. Helfend works aggressively to get the best possible outcome for his clients. That could mean diversionary programs, alternative sentencing, or plea arrangements that include a conviction on a lesser charge. He will always work to mitigate the impact of a conviction on his clients, and provide the best possible counsel.

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