Theft at Santa Monica Jewelry Store Leads to Charges
Theft at Santa Monica Jewelry Store Leads to Charges
Santa Monica police arrested a man in connection with a theft at a jewelry store in that city in February. According to police, the suspect entered the store holding an unknown device. He ordered a store employee to give him merchandise, which he dropped before leaving the store. Then, he left the store and fled in a nearby vehicle. While driving away, he hit several vehicles and injured one person.

Because the police did not know the nature of the device he held, they evacuated the surrounding neighborhood following the incident. The suspect left the device by his disabled SUV and fled the area on foot. Closer inspection by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad showed that it was not an explosive device.

Using evidence from the crash, detectives identified the prime suspect and got a warrant for his arrest. Prosecutors charged him with attempted robbery, grand theft, making criminal threats, malicious possession of a false bomb, false imprisonment and hit and run causing injury. He remains in custody but was given a $170,000 bail.

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