Sylmar Man Faces Charges For Recycling Fraud
Sylmar Man Faces Charges For Recycling Fraud
A Sylmar man, along with two Arizona residents, face charges of fraud for a recycling scam. According to investigators, the men tried to import recyclable beverage containers from Arizona to collect the deposit.

Following a five-month investigation, authorities seized nearly 30,000 pounds of recyclable containers in Phoenix from trucks bound for California. The men would have netted more than $40,000 had they successfully delivered that shipment of containers. Over the course of three years, the men collected more than $16M from the recycling program. According to the California Department of Justice, the men operated the trucking company solely to defraud California’s recycling program.

The company’s owner and a truck driver face recycling fraud, conspiracy and grand theft charges in California. In addition, the Sylmar man, who acted as a broker, also faces charges. California’s recycling program is publicly funded. Only cans and bottles sold in California may be redeemed here. If convicted, the men could spend as much as three years in prison. They could also be required to pay restitution and fines.

This is not the first time California and Arizona authorities have worked together to eliminate recycling fraud. In 2017, investigators arrested two Arizona men for importing $20,000 in recyclables to California. They have also broken up recycling scams from Nevada and Washington State.

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