Short jail term for Little League embezzlement
Short jail term for Little League embezzlement
The former president of the Azusa National Little League was sentenced on her embezzlement conviction to four months in jail, five years of probation and 45 days of community service. Marsha Juarez, 51, was convicted earlier this month on three misdemeanor charges. In addition, the sentence requires Juarez to avoid contact with the Azusa National Little League and may not hold any position in any non-profit agency until 2022.

According to prosecutors, Juarez used Little League funds of more than $35,000 to pay for personal expenses, fast food, gasoline, and personal services. Juarez used a Little League debit card to pay for her purchases between 2013 and 2015, although the non-profit’s records show that she used the Little League debit card for cash withdrawals and other personal purchases beginning in May 2010.

Other board members discovered the embezzlement in 2015. When they requested the association’s bank records, Juarez provided them with a self-created spreadsheet instead. The board requested that Juarez explain the suspicious transactions, but she could not. The board also gave her 30 days to repay the money. At that time, the board reviewed only five months worth of bank statements, and determined that her personal purchases exceeded $4,300. Further review of the records revealed that Juarez’ personal use of the account dated back to at least 2010. The board immediately turned the information over to the police, and Juarez was charged in the matter in July 2016.

Azusa embezzlement attorney

Workplace crimes are almost always financially motivated. In most cases, the victim simply wants to recover the misappropriated funds. An experienced prosecutor and the defendant’s embezzlement attorney understand that justice in embezzlement cases is more closely tied to restitution than to punishment. Incarceration, which is always a definite possibility under the law, may not be the best judicial option, since it delays or removes the defendant’s ability to make restitution.

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