Sex crimes Task Force Investigates Hollywood Accusations
Sex crimes Task Force Investigates Hollywood Accusations
The Los Angeles District Attorney established a taskforce to examine a wave of sex crimes allegations in Hollywood. Following allegations leveled against producer Harvey Weinstein, a number of entertainment industry workers also say they’ve been victimized. To address the rising tide of allegations, a special taskforce will investigate them. The goal is to determine whether they can prosecute any of the accusations.

The taskforce, which consists of sex crimes prosecutors and detectives, has not all subjects under investigation. Many accusers, however, have made their accusations public. Currently, the investigators say they are examining at least two dozen allegations against a number of entertainment industry executives. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has already acknowledged that it cannot prosecute some of the allegations. In a number of cases, the statute of limitations has already expired. The California legislature changed the statute of limitations for certain sex offenses in 2016, but prosecutors may not retroactively file charges.

One issue that will dog most allegations is the absence of physical or corroborating evidence against the accused. Investigators say that even if older cases can’t be prosecuted, they can still help establish a pattern of behavior.

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