Sex crimes sweep nets nearly 200 Southland offenders
Sex crimes sweep nets nearly 200 Southland offenders
Authorities in Los Angeles report nearly 200 arrests as part of a national operation targeting child sexual predators. They accuse the arrestees of sex crimes including lewd and lascivious acts with a child. In addition, prosecutors leveled charges including manufacture, possession and distribution of child pornography, child annoying and parole violations.

The Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes against Children taskforce conducted more than 1,400 investigations and served more than 400 search warrants over two months. The arrests come as part of a nationwide law enforcement sweep of sex offenders prior to the start of summer. The taskforce timed its operations to conclude prior to June, which is designated as Internet Safety Month. Most schoolchildren are on summer recess during June and may not have adequate supervision.

The taskforce identified offenders who were enticing and/or grooming children online. They served search warrants and seized social media evidence of contact, child pornography and other evidence. In some cases, the arrests involve known offenders. The operation also targeted first-time offenders.

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