Sex Crimes Suspect On FBI List Shot To Death
Sex Crimes Suspect On FBI List Shot To Death
An FBI agent shot to death man wanted for sex crimes in Los Angeles. The fugitive, Craig Alyn Carlson, died from a single gunshot in a Raleigh, NC hotel during an attempted raid. According to authorities, agents entered the suspect’s room and a fight ensued over a weapon. The gun discharged and the bullet struck Carlson.

The FBI placed Carlson on its Ten Most Wanted List last fall. According to police, Carlson committed a series of violent sexual assaults in the Los Angeles area. After posting bond, he fled to South Carolina. While in South Carolina, he stole a rental car and a handgun, as well as cash. He led authorities in Alabama on a high-speed chase. Florida officials also reported sightings of Carlson there in 2017.

Federal authorities issued a warrant for Carlson’s arrest in December 2017, and the FBI stepped up efforts to locate him. A police officer in Apex, NC noted the stolen rental car in a local hotel parking lot and notified federal authorities. Agents assembled a raid team to take Carlson into custody, and expressed disappointment that Carlson died during the arrest attempt.

Los Angeles Police arrested Carlson in July 2017 on burglary and attempted sexual assault charges. Following his arrest, police also linked him to two unsolved assaults in Los Angeles in 2003. By that time, however, Carlson had already posted bail and disappeared.

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