Sex Crimes Suspect Added to FBI's Most Wanted List
Sex Crimes Suspect Added to FBI’s Most Wanted List
A man suspected of a series of sex crimes the Los Angeles area now has another problem. He’s the most recent addition to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted List.

Los Angeles authorities charged Greg Alyn Carlson, 46, in 2017 with a burglary and sexual assault. According to the FBI, evidence links Carlson to a series of sex crimes dating back to 2003. He posted bail following his September 2017 arrest and fled to the East Coast. He also visited a family home in South Carolina. While there, he acquired cash and a handgun, and stole a rental vehicle.

Law enforcement officials later spotted him in Alabama, during a police chase. Local authorities broke off the chase due to public safety concerns. He was also spotted most recently in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, FL. According to authorities, he was last known to be driving a 2017 white Hyundai Accent with South Carolina plates.

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