Sex Crimes Plea From Youth Basketball Coach
Sex Crimes Plea From Youth Basketball Coach
A former Santa Clarita basketball coach pleaded no contest last month to sex crimes involving children. The plea included nine felony counts including lewd acts on a child and sexual battery. As part of the deal, it’s likely that the man will serve nine years in state prison.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives began investigating the man last year after a victim came forward. During the investigation, police located an additional eight victims. According to police, the incidents dated back to 2008 and the victims were between 14 and 17 at the time of the incidents.

Prosecutors say that the man molested the boys at their homes under the guise of delivering physical therapy treatments. The man gained access to the boys through local high school basketball programs. He also worked to gain the trust of the boys’ parents. The man also persuaded the parents to allow him to offer private coaching sessions to improve their game skills.

Investigators have not identified all of the schools where the man worked, but he did formerly coach at West Ranch High School, Canyon High School and Trinity Classical Academy. Prosecutors have said that none of the assaults happened on school grounds.

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