Sex crimes land Los Angeles coach in prison for 71 years
Sex crimes land Los Angeles coach in prison for 71 years
A former San Fernando and Sun Valley wrestling coach will spend 71 years in prison for sex crimes. The man worked in a number of different schools for 25 years before complaints surfaced about the man. According to victims, the coach groomed students, then coerced them into performing sex acts with him and other students.

The man told students that “loyalty” was important above all other things to prevent them from informing authorities. Prosecutors presented 9 victims who were pre-teens at the time the abuse began. A jury convicted the man in May of 47 felonies that occurred between 1991 and 2017.

The man coached children at both John H. Francis Polytechnic High School and the Boys and Girls Club. According to investigators, the abuse occurred on school’s campus and in vehicles owned by the Boys and Girls Club. Additionally, some abusive acts occurred in the coach’s personal vehicles and in the victims’ homes.

At least twelve victims, including those who brought criminal charges, are suing the LAUSD and the Boys and Girls Club. In the lawsuit, the victims claim that the LAUSD missed obvious warning signs regarding the coach. The lawsuit contends that the organizations failed to properly supervise the coach, enabling him to abuse his victims. A female campus aide at the high school lodged a complaint against the coach in 2015. In that incident, the victim said the coach propositioned her and offered money for sex. The school responded to the complaint by suspending the man for one year.

Police arrested the coach in 2017 after a victim filmed a sexual encounter between herself and the coach. She turned the video over to the Los Angeles Police Department. She did not report the matter to the LAUSD because she did not think the LAUSD would believe her.

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