Sex crimes convicts may get new rules in Santa Clarita
Sex crimes convicts may get new rules in Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita residents convicted of sex crimes may get reduced restrictions following a 2015 California Supreme Court ruling. A city ordinance currently prevents offenders from residing near schools, parks, libraries and child care centers. The ordinance also bars registered sex offenders from living together or in the same multi-family residence.

In 2015, the state’s Supreme Court ruled such ordinances were generally unconstitutional because they were too restrictive. Santa Clarita’s ordinance is more restrictive than the specific laws that the court struck down. The court found that such restrictions did not improve public safety. In fact, the ordinances often made it more difficult to monitor and rehabilitate offenders. Additionally, burdensome residency restrictions often increased homelessness among registered sex offenders. The increase in homelessness among registered sex offenders actually increased the threat to public safety.

Earlier this year, an attorney sued the City of Santa Clarita to challenge the city’s registered sex offender restrictions. Conditionally, the attorney will drop the lawsuit if the city repeals the offending ordinance. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office no longer enforces the Santa Clarita ordinance requirements. Additionally, the city’s attorney’s have recommended that the City Council repeal the ordinance.

The Santa Clarita City Council will discuss the ordinance and its repeal this week.

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This situation exemplifies the consequences of a conviction for a sexual offense. Registered sex offenders often have a hard time finding appropriate housing and employment following their release. In addition, registration requirements and compliance checks cause additional hardship on offenders. Lifetime registration means that even when your sentence is complete, you’re never out of the view of the Department of Corrections. No other criminal convictions work that way!

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