Sex Crimes Convictions Could Void Early Release
Sex Crimes Convictions Could Void Early Release
California voters approved Proposition 57 last November. The measure increases the use of parole for non-violent offenders. Now, a non-profit advocacy group says that new implementation guidelines exclude people convicted of sex crimes, while the ballot measure did not.

State regulators approved the guidelines in April, which exclude sex offenders from receiving earlier parole hearings. The group seeks to ensure that sex offenders convicted of non-violent offenses receive the benefit of Proposition 57.

Prosecutors and law enforcement officials around the state argue that the voters did not intend to extend early parole privileges to non-violent sex offenders. Many “non-violent” sex offenses include those committed against children. The advocacy group says some sex offenses do not qualify as “violent” crimes. Currently, about one-fourth of the state’s incarcerated sex offenders serve sentences for non-contact crimes. These would include offenses like possession of child pornography.

In January, Governor Jerry Brown ordered the Corrections Department to issue parole hearing guidelines that excluded all sex offenders. The state will finalize the guidelines following a public comment period that will close in the fall. Meanwhile, the advocacy group has filed suit to prevent the proposed guidelines from taking effect. In their suit, the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws says that the guidelines impermissibly exclude sex offenses from early parole consideration – because the ballot measure did not explicitly specify that.

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